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Lotus in 2021: Performance, Intelligent Technology and Sustainability

The ongoing transformation and expansion of Lotus under Vision80 comes from a position of confidence in Lotus’ identity as a vital brand with its eye firmly on the future and global growth. In 2021 there are three core values driving the business forward – Performance, Intelligent Technology and Sustainability.


The heart and soul of Lotus has always been driven by a dedication to class-leading performance, proven wherever possible in the motorsport arena. It is part of the Lotus DNA and will always guide the company’s progress in developing new technologies for its cars and for those of other brands. Performance of Lotus cars has always come from the first principles set down more than 70 years ago – innovative thinking around light weight, exceptional ride and handling, and advanced aerodynamics.

Intelligent Technology

Consumer demand for technology is a fact of today’s automotive landscape, and Lotus is embracing that completely. Richard Moore, Executive Director, Engineering, Lotus, commented: “Technology is the currency of luxury and desirability in today’s new cars. Lotus will re-set what it means to be a British premium automotive brand through development and adoption of innovative and intelligent technology.”

An all-new technology road map of five principles – dubbed EAS-IP – has been created by Lotus to guide this work:

  • Electrify: A pure electric future for Lotus, as first demonstrated by the Evija hypercar, has been part of the Vision80 strategy from the start. After the Lotus Emira, every new Lotus car will be electric.
  • Amplify: Lotus is committed to delivering innovative and engaging technologies. It will dial up the importance and prevalence of technology in its new product range. In tandem with performance, this will drive the desirability of future models.
  • Simplify: It was Lotus founder Colin Chapman who famously said the key to performance was to ‘simplify and add lightness’. Nothing has changed. Lotus technology will be an enabler, and will simplify the driving and ownership experience for customers.
  • Intensify: Lotus is fast developing a reputation as a world leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI), User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX). With every new product launch, the role of innovative new technology will be intensified.
  • Personify: Lotus will use technology to give its new models an identity, a brand character that will become part of the company’s DNA. Lotus cars will be customisable through technology, mirroring and adapting to each customer’s tastes.

Source: Lotus Media